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Entering into my mid 50’s may have not been so incredible if it weren’t for those sweet reminders, and coming to the understanding that it is important to see myself in a certain way and act accordingly.

I think you’re as old as you feel inside with the hand in life you play, and if you feel like the cards weren’t in your favor, than you might age prematurely inside and out.  But, if you embrace what comes your way from Aces to Jokers and deal with it good and bad from a place of, this is temporary and ‘what’s next in the deck?’ Then that deep impeding breath is taken and once it’s released, so is anything that can get you down about a thing. I realized with all the great anti-aging products and health products, that the core of it all rest within the soul of ones foundation, and that is how one thinks and feels.  So when women seek product methods of how to defy their age once they hit that proverbial number that’s pivotal for them, my best suggestion is what I have done, and that’s buy the product that’s within you, that defines you and love it and the person you are.  Embrace each moment and feel young, feel alive with a willingness to learn something new all the time. That keeps you young inside and that will reflect on you outwardly. So, this site is designed to answer that question I started with, “what do I do to look like this?”   I am sharing some basic simple things I use from skincare to working out to personal development that I know works not only for me but others that have asked and I shared.  And I wrote a course specifically designed for women to be empowered and release self imposed boundaries they have placed on them selves in order to know without question how amazing they truly are.” – Marie L.


Unveiling my truth is an ongoing experience that is both rewarding and challenging. As I evolve within myself, I realize how small I am in the grand scheme of all that’s around me, yet so enormous within life itself and honoring that the best way I can. My daughter is such a reflection of what is inside me. If she’s not right, I know I’m not right and when she’s on point and seeing her life magical filled with possibilities then I know that I am offering the best part of who I am for her to see. She is a huge part of why I do what I do. When I can give something back, when I can offer something of meaning to someone else that enables them to flourish, I know that she will do the same because she is feeling incredible about who she is, as I continue to witness this.


I never really imagined in my 20’s, that when I reached the age of my mother when she turned 50, I would be in better physical condition than when I was in my 20’s. Actually, I never imagined freely saying I’m fifty either. I come from a family line of its just NOT what you tell people. But, the rebel in me is proud to say it.

Body & Mind in Ultimate Shape in only 77 Days

BodyGenX a Complete 77 Day Home or Anywhere Women’s Fitness and Empowerment Program designed by Women for Women. The Program includes Unveil Your Truth Self Development Course, 26 Modules of Empowerment Training, 6 Videos on Science Strategies to Success, 4 Videos with Marie on Purpose, Choice, Adversity, Self-Love, Audio File of Unveil, 4 phases; Body Weight Circuit Training, Resistance Band Training, Strength Training, Fusion Training, Science Strategies for Goal Achievement, Self-Development Training, Fat Burning and Muscle Toning Meal Plan, Cardio, Ab Work, Stretching, Live Support, Virtual Members Only Club, Nutrition Library and More.

Instead of 90 days, BGX77 was designed to trigger the body’s response more rapidly. The workouts are comprised of 4 phases with 4 workout days and 2 cardio days, 1 being HIIT cardio, (High Intensity Interval Training) which is almost opposite of the standard cardio routines that DO NOT shape and sculpt your body but build rather endurance.



To embody strong and enduring health to take us through this journey of life, what we intake, (foods) reflects our output (health). It goes back to the old adage, “garbage in, garbage out”.  Only we get to see and feel the effects of how we choose to eat within our bodies on a daily basis. Living life to it’s fullest requires energy. Healthy parents and grandparents are able to give more each day to their children/grandchildren without feeling tired or burned out quickly. Life is a wonderful journey that can be experienced to it’s fullest when our bodies are strong and filled with energy provided through positive eating habits. I am passionate about continuing to build these disciplines within myself and others. I would love to connect with you to help you reach your goals, building a long-lasting life full of wonderful memories and journeys.


The irresistible beauty of a woman is revealed in her self expression from what is deliciously inside her.  Her self love. Her compassion. Her uniqueness.  Her confidence.  Her faith.
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